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FAC's remote user's username and realms

I have a TAC ticket going on since my remote RADIUS user with an FTM stopped working after upgrading the FortiAuthenticator from 6.3.3 to 6.4.4. Then I was told to configure a remote RADIUS username with a realm as just like "tesumi" without a realm name "@realm1". I had "tesumi@realm1" as my remote username and I believe it was working with 6.3.3 (not 100% sure because it's not in production and still testing multiple things).

My question now is if this username configuration under User Mangement->Remote Users->RADIUS has been supposed to be configured WITHOUT a realm name from the beginning? Or it has changed with 6.4?


Even this change, I'm still having a problem if I configured another realm "realm2" with the same username "tesumi" to point to a different remote RADIUS server. Push notification times out. That's why the TT is still on-going but that part would be a topic for another time.






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Community Manager

Hello Toshi,


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As you have already a TAC ticket, the TAC team will be the best for helping you concening this issue.

If you do not have any answer from them, tell us and we will try to help.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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