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F60D - Help - Internet Provider Private IP ( vlan ) - Public on another interface



Internet Provider gave us , these informations "like" that :


Private IP on Vlan : 

Gateway :


Public IP :


For now , I am able to get access to the router from outside when :


On WAN1, I created a VLAN int for the Private IP

Add a route : >


On WAN1 , I have tried two thing , create a vlan int with Public IP or a loopback with the IP Public too


For the Policy for now ,  I let Any to Any > ACCEPT


I also able to create a VPN between this router and another forti on another site , this is only working when I select the interface with the Public IP


Another thing working, is the ping only when I'm using the command : exe ping-options source

before trying to ping for example


I have for now , no computer connected on local network. I am doing my test only from the web interface or CLI of the router


What do I need to do to not have to specify the source ping-option and enable Internet access for all and from the Router Interface or CLI



Best regards



Add a route : >


Just a small tip: the default route should point to the next hop, The other address will work as well, as ICMP will redirect it.

Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

I d'ont really understand is my Private IP given by ISP.




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