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External Connectors

I have two FortiGates running HA Active-Passive mode and also in multi-vdom mode. I created an external threat Feed on the primary and secondary firewalls under the Global Vdom. The threat feed on the primary firewall will connect but the one on the secondary firewall will not. I believe that it has something to do with the way HA management handles this connector. should I be seeing both connect or should it just be on the primary?


When you have HA in Active-Passive, only Active node does manage connectivity to external resources, self-originating traffic (DNS, Updates etc)
This means that if you do a failover and change roles, you will see the same behavior, but with roles changed. Secondary member (now active) will have connectivity, and primary member (now passive) will not have connectivity. In HA Active-Active is different. Here you will see both members connected to these services


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