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Enable VDOM on production FortiGate Firewalls

Hi all,

We've FortiGate firewalls running without VDOM.
Now we need to enable VDOM feature but after we enabled the VDOM feature , the current existing config will be migrated into root VDOM.
We don't want the existing config migrated into root VDOM.
We only want root VDOM for management purpose only without any other configuration.
We want to place the current existing configuration into different/separate VDOM.
What can we do to achieve our purpose?
Actually we have a bunch of FortiGate running without VDOM and now we need to enable VDOM feature for application team requirements.

Thank you and help me suggest on this. Either manual process or automatic process is fine as long as we can still maintain the current configuration into a separate VDOM other than root-VDOM.

FortiGate  #VDOM

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Thank you all .Really appreciate for every suggestion  


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