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FortiClient 2-step login bug??

I am just a user of Forticlient. I use it to connect to two different systems and on one I have encountered a slightly irritating bug.

I don't think the sysadmins of the systems I'm connected to will be interested in reporting this bug but I would like to get it reported. Is there someone here who could help with that?


My issue sounds a little like what is mentioned here: [link][/link]


Of the two systems, one wants a FortiToken code I get from an app and the other sends me an SMS.


I have found on a number of occasions that when connecting to the SMS-token system, I enter my password and then get to the next step but I can't proceed because while I can enter the SMS token, the password field is both blank and locked, and the client won't continue without a value in the password field.


After this happened a few times I saw the pattern. I typically disconnect from the VPN by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting "Disconnect". After I have done that if I go to the connection screen to start a new connection there are two buttons below "Cancel" and "Connect". This is the scenario in which the problem I describe above arises. If I press "Cancel" instead, that seems to reset the login screen (there is only a "Connect" button) - if I enter my password and continue, on the next page there is a "value" (obfuscated) in the password field and I will be able to connect once I enter the code I got by SMS. If I don't use the system tray, but disconnect from the login page instead, this issue doesn't arise.


I have never noticed this sort of problem, though, when connecting to the VPN for which I get a code from the FortiToken app.


I'm using Forticlient I don't know the details of the servers I'm connecting to.


Can anyone here pass this report on to Fortinet?



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Same with FortiClient VPN 6.2.9 and Windows 10

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