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Empty "Summary" page on "System Events" and "Security Events" - Fortigate 60F os 7.2


I upgraded the 60F from version 7.0.5 to 7.2 three days ago. The system looks very promising but has a problem with a new feature in Log & Report. The "Summary" page in "System Events" and "Security Events" is blank - no data exists (it is not grayed out, only all tables are empty). When I go to the "Details" tab, all logs of individual modules are in place, regardless of whether I choose "FortigateCloud" or "Memory". I have a licensed version of "Standalone FortiGate Cloud account" - 1 year log retention.

Can anyone, are there any specific requirements to run this function (maybe Fortianalizer?).

Or is it an early version of the system bug?

Does it work for someone?


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I had the same problem, thanks.

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