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Hi.I tried to enable the new option available in 7.2.4 - "Internet-service-database: On-demand" but after enabling it I get "Fortigate FFDB on-demand update failed" in the logs.FortiGuard/Internet Service Database Definitions shows Version 0.00000.CL...
Hi.I have a strange symptom after updating to 7.2.1 on 60F, I have the message "Memory conserve mode entered" once a day. The message is strange because the memory used is below the red threshold and even below the green threshold: "logdesc =" Memory...
For seven hours in my logs I have entries "Fortigate idsurldb signature is missing or invalid."Does anyone have a similar problem ?The rest of the updates download correctlyFortigate 60F on 7.2 fw
HiI upgraded the 60F from version 7.0.5 to 7.2 three days ago. The system looks very promising but has a problem with a new feature in Log & Report. The "Summary" page in "System Events" and "Security Events" is blank - no data exists (it is not gray...
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