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Distributing FortiClient to End Users



If I have a building full of non-admin users to which I need to distribute the Windows FortiClient (ideally, VPN-Only as they already have a different AV and web security system) plus the connection configuration, is there a way to get the .msi installer bundle instead of the .exe? Is there an approved way to deal with this kind of situation? I don't really want to have to visit 250 systems manually.

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Hello!!! you need to have a license to use the FortiClient FortiClient tools. The price varies for users. Posbilidad have to deploy the installer through a msi package and only if you want vpn and more! with the settings you want. I hope it helps you. Regards.


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You can download the MSI from the "Zip" version of the FortiClient on the support downloads site as well as FortiClientTools which has the repackager.  Modern versions of FortiClient will let you package just the VPN install.  You can also write a custom XML config to be injected with your VPN configurations and distribute it via GPO.  That's how we deal with this situation.

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Hi Mackdav,


I have similar requirement, I want to push forticlient (only vpn) to all domain user pcs using microsoft sccm. did a repacking using FortiClientConfiguration but when installed the Forticlient has AV/Web tabs too.


Have you got anywhere with this?


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