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Disconnection issue

Hello Team,

       please I need your assistance on an urgent case, as recently, we have installed fortiAPs on our network, and all things are good but some users are facing an issue that the connection on their laptops keeps disconnected for 30 sec to 1 minute and then it returns to connect again, which affecting their work and productivity, has anyone faced this issue before


Hi BlueP

Which firmware versions are you using?

Keep in mind using the mature/recommended versions is always the good solution for almost all issues.

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FW: 6.4.7


Hello BlueP, Is FAP 231F also on 6.4.7?  FOS: 6.4.7 is old and would recommend to upgrade to the latest.


Hi @BlueP ,

May i know if the issue happend to:
1. Anyone connected to that 1 FortiAP.?

2. Only specific PC that connect to that 1 FortiAP?
3. Or it happend to any user that connect to that FortiAP?

Is FortiAP and LAN user sit on same VLAN? If the issue only happend to FortiAP and LAN is good, most likely FortiAP configuration issue. DHCP, Ip conflict, VLAN, etc.

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Certainly, network disconnection issues can be frustrating. Check for possible interference, update firmware, and review configurations on FortiAPs xiaomi

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Same issue my friend faced when he was doing course and he did that step i hope this is helpful for you

  • In fortiAp disconnection issue 
  • Make sure the users have the latest wifi
  • Check out the fortiAp logs for any notification regarding it
  • Adjust the channel and frequency
  • Examine the network for interference sources.
  • Confirm the DHCP setting for IP conflict. 
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The problem of losing network connection can be frustrating. You can Check fortiAp logs for any messages related to it disney songs

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this is the logs and the issue is occuring randomly, Forti TAC is investigating as they have not know what is the issue?
Action client-disconnected-by-wtp
Reason Deauthenticated because sending STA is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS


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