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Determining what a specific IP Address is being used for and free it for something else

Recently acquired a new scanner. In order to access its configuration software, the company provides a specific IP Address to navigate to for setup with no other options. When I connect the scanner to my computer and try to navigate to this IP address, I keep getting an error saying that Safari cannot connect to the server. According to the company, it is because something is currently occupying that given IP address.


How can I determine what is using the IP address and/or change it so that I can access the configuration software for this new scanner.

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It would probably be easier to give the computer a different IP from this range, and then connect the scanner directly (i.e. not via LAN) to the computer and configure it. Otherwise, you will probably find the device in the DHCP monitor.

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Why not. grab the mac address and place a nmap scan for example and scan the ip.address? Or better yet, you have a scanner, se a new address on it and scanner the address that is occupying the existing ip address


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