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Design Question - Cable connectivity

Have two FGT 500D on HA. Currently, the LAN cable from both the FGT connects to a 2960x switch and a cable from 2960x connects to our Core Switch. all 3 ports being in the same vlan of course on the switch. This works. But is this the preferred design?
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Yes, at least for me. Switch segmentation by port-based VLANs.

For every physical port on the FGT, you need 3 switch ports: fgt1, fgt2 and destination. So, for bigger FGTs you might need a 48 port switch just for connectivity.

Just make sure the VLANs never exit the switch, i.e. port-based.


Years ago some switches had a problem with this. For each internal VLAN a separate MAC address table is needed, and some low-range switches didn't have that. Nowadays this design has always worked for me, with HPE, Avaya, Alcatel, DELL, H3C. Never tried out D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link.


One caveat:

NEVER run the HA link across a switch! The HA link is the most important connection in a cluster. If it breaks, BOTH units will become master and the network will break down. So, HA links always are direct cables (or fibers), and always at least 2x.


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