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Delete certificate

Hello everyone, I'm trying to delete a certificate that I misplaced but I don't know how to do it. The delete button is not available on the options, only import, view or Download. I have a certificate that expired yesterday and the point was to replace it for the new one. When I try to reload it, appears the following message: "Certificate file is duplicate for CA/LOCAL/REMOTE/CRL cert.". I'm running the fw 6.4.5 @ 60F units. Thank you

Carlos Almeida
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Did you do:


config vpn certificate ca <hit enter>

delete CA_Cert_1 <hit enter>


this should remove the cert you marked in your screenshot.

@sw2090 yes, usually I prefer deleting in the gui as well but especially with certs this often times doesn't work although the cert isn't used anywhere.





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Annother guess for a missing "Delete" Option is that the object - here the certificate - is still in use somewhere.


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