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FortiGate FortiWiFi 40F Default Link Speed and Duplex


I am wondering what the default Link Speed / Duplex setting is on the WAN interface on the 40F and can it be manually changed to 10/100Base-TX? We have a media convertor that only supports 10/100Base-TX and when I connect to the WAN port I get no link light.

Does "diag hardware deviceinfo nic wan1" only show when connected??

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By default it's set to auto-negotiate. Therefore if it's not connected whatever shows up in "diag hard deviceinfo nic wan" (40F doesn't have wan1 but wan) it means nothing. (probably 10/half)
To nail down the speed/duplex on any interfaces, you can use a command below:
fg40f-utm (wan) # set speed ?
auto Automatically adjust speed.
10full 10M full-duplex.
10half 10M half-duplex.
100full 100M full-duplex.
100half 100M half-duplex.
1000full 1000M full-duplex.


It's under "config system interface" -> "edit wan".


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