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Constantly receiving notifications that FortiClient is off windows 10

This is a brand new system that came with windows 10 installed. I removed the norton antivirus that it came with. Installed all windows 10 updates and then installed FortiClient.


Now I receive a notification every 1 minute or so from windows 10. It states Windows Defender and FortiClient antivirus are both turned off. Now FortiClient is on and enabled. Windows Defender is off. Inside the security tab in control panel it shows everything as gravy, everything is on and working correctly.


I am so tired of receiving this notification and it's starting to slow down the computer... Imagine the same notification every minute or two. It's down right ridiculous. I dont know what else to do. I tried uninstalling FortiClient then rebooting and reinstalling it still notifications every minute or two. 


As i sew at core i5/i7 no that issue, or it appear very few. the slow PC - the more it ahppend. most annoyinng things in FC.

FG-50E/60D/60E, FAP-221B/21D, FortiClient. 

FG-50E/60D/60E, FAP-221B/21D, FortiClient.
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I opened a support ticket on this issue and referenced this thread. Here's Fortinet's response:


Dear Customer,  This appears to be a windows issue. Please have look at the following links.  Regards,  ****** ******  Support Engineer   Fortinet Technologies Inc. 

TAC: 1 866 648 4638



This post has been edited by the Forum administrator to remove the name of the Fortinet TAC engineer.  We ask Forum members not to include names and contact details of Fortinet staff without their prior approval.


Thank you.

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Is there a fix for this yet?


Can you check if this notification coincide with AV signature update, which will restart real-time protection.


I have this same issue on one computer.  It is running Windows 10 with the latest updates.  The Forticlient turns off and on about every 4 hours.  Sometimes there will also be a burst of activity where it turns off and on like 20 times in 5 minutes or so.


Same here. 


Constantly dinging it's off. Driving us mental. Even turning off notifications in Windows for that app doesn't work

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I have the same issue... but only happen when AV Scan is running...


Any ideas?

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At this point all we are doing is disabling notifications for AV. I'm not real keen on doing that long term, but it keeps the sanity with out users. I honestly don't know if its a Microsoft issue or a Fortinet issue, there's just too much new software in play here. I think there is little we can do until one of the two figures out a proper solution. 


Hey all, I had a ticket going with them on this and the tech had me download the FortiClient Tools zip file (5.4.1) via customer portal.  It includes a FortiClient removal application which I ran, then did a reinstall as system admin.  Since then, I've only received one or two of the alerts when the tablet was coming out of sleep, but otherwise not recurring like it had been ten thousand times per day.  Alerts remain set to normal.

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You can disable the warning from windows - it's not good - but allows you to keep working.  We had it on about 15% of our machines.  Hopefully fixed in the new version.





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