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Conserve mode when downloading a large files


if I download a large file, FG exceeds 88% memory usage and goes into memory conserve mode. How can I prevent AV from checking for large files and caching them?



Can you share more detailed information about your Fortigate?
- Hardware, software version
- Special configuration ?
- Traffic flow (From where download from where ?)


Hi Bill, 

I have FG101F-7.2.6. AV was configured to Proxy-based, so I switched to Flow-based but nothing changed. When downloading a 500MB file from Google Drive, FG is still obviously caching the file and goes into memory conserve mode.


Hi @Alfonziino 


First, I think you should call TAC for support.

Second, if you can run all commands below to collect logs when the issue happened then share to us. we can find something. 

fnsysctl date
get system status
get hardware status
diagnose autoupdate versions
get sys perf status
diag sys session stat
get sys perf firewall statistics
diag hardware sysinfo memory
diag hardware sysinfo slab
diagnose hardware sysinfo shm
diag sys vd list | grep fib
diagnose sys mpstat 1 5
diag sys top-all 2 50
diag sys top-mem 50
diagnose sys top-fd 20
diag snmp ip frags
diagnose ips session status
diagnose ips packet status
diagnose test application ipsmonitor 24
diagnose ips memory status
diagnose ips raw status
diagnose ips session performance
diagnose ips session list by-mem
fnsysctl df -k
fnsysctl ls -l /tmp
fnsysctl du -i /tmp
fnsysctl du -a /tmp
fnsysctl du -a / -d 1
fnsysctl ls -l /dev/shm
fnsysctl du -i /dev/shm
fnsysctl du -a /dev/shm
fnsysctl ls -l /node-scripts
fnsysctl du -i /node-scripts
fnsysctl du -a /node-scripts

Third, if you don't mind, please share to my official email through private message. I can reproduce in lab. To cross-check and find the issue faster. Thanks




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