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Connectivity Issues with EOS Fortigate 100F - Need Help!

I have connectivity problems with my Fortigate 100F.  I m facing issue on devices would occasionally lose connection to the internet, and internal network access also seems to be affected during these period. I've checked the cables and it is properly plugged in. Not all devices are affected at the same time – some are able to maintain a stable connection while others drop out.

Could it be a configuration problem? Or maybe a hardware issue? Anyone can give me suggestions to solve my problem.


Hello Ruby,

I see that you have issue with only certain devices, Are those internal devices or connected using VPN? if it is connected locally and you are having issue to access internet from a device run these debugs when you are having issue, meanwhile continuously ping from user machine:


diagnose debug reset

diagnose debug flow filter clear

diagnose debug flow filter saddr x.x.x.x <-- x.x.x.x is the IP of the user

diagnose debug flow filter daddr

diagnose debug flow trace start 999

diagnose de en


To disable the debugs: diagnose deb disable

Also after what change this issue gets resolved? Does not seem to be issue in configuration.

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