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Confused Newbie – Firmware subscription.

Developer for 40 years, but never purchased a firewall. I just installed a 60F. The control page says that I am eligible for firmware updates for two more weeks. How is this possible? I’ve got 30 days to return it. I would think that there would be some default one-year period before a subscription is required. Does this mean someone else had purchased and returned it?


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was that a brand new 60F or a used/refurbished one? 

Maybe it was sold with a license bundle (which is the cheapest way) and those licenses are expiring?



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-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams
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Supposed to be brand new. 

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@CSBrown wrote:

Supposed to be brand new. 

Ok, so ask your reseller for a FortiCare contract at least (if you bought it)
Then, register your 60F into , apply that forticare contract and you'll have firmwares updates, TAC support, and RMA.

You could also buy another bundles of services, including licenses for fortiguard filtering,etc.
Look for 60F full details in its datasheet:




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@CSBrown : You can simply call to Fortinet support number of your country. You can retrieve the local toll free number from below link.  Provide them serial number, They can confirm all the licenses.  


Alternatively you can provide me screenshot of you Fortiguard page , by going into settings > Fortiguard.

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Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe

This is it?



Yeah the license are expired. 

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Rosa Technocrat -- Also on YouTube---Please do Subscribe

Yes. My question is what does this mean?  Does it mean I bought a returned item? A Stolen item ?  I assume I should send it back. 


Hi CSBrown,


You can call the Fortinet support toll free number in your region and provide them the serial number to get the exact information about the device you are owning. 


Link for toll free number:




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just to clarify your misconception about having/expecting a 'default one-year' free ride. That is not the case. Services like FortiCare (hardware warranty, firmware updates) and/or FortiGuard (subscription for AV, IPS, WF signatures, botnet blacklists etc.) are not for free but paid services. IMHO no FGT should ever be sold without a valid FortiCare contract, this is a basic prerequisite for operating this kind of firewall. Providing the services which make a FGT a unique firewall is an essential part of Fortinet's business model. (And of all other business contenders as well, for that matter.)


In your case it looks funny that there still is a valid contract running (though not for long). The unit is already registered - to which account? Yours? If so, log in to, look up this device in Assets, and check the 'Entitlement' widget. You will see which service had been activated, and when.

If not, then you've got a serious problem. Without 'ownership', indicated by having the FGT registered to your personal account, you will not be able to purchase (hm, maybe) and register (nope) services to it. Which limits it's usefulness a LOT.


Long story short, you can test the device for another 2 weeks with all UTM features. Just to find out if a FGT suits your needs that is more than it takes. After that, if you want to operate it, purchase a renewal for FortiCare, or an UTM/ATP bundle, for 1-5 years, and register it unto the unit via your account. Your FTNT partner (where you bought the FGT) should be able to offer you some options.



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