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Config missing in Azure VM Fortigate after Restore

Hello all


I have an odd issue with a Fortigate VM-64 (6.4.10) in Azure.

The virtual machine and azure configuration is not maintained by me so I have no real detailed information.

We tested the restore function of Azure and after restorting the fortigate vm from the snapshot there were configuration missing.

In my case it was the configuration of a port (it was there and up, but the correct IP was missing), a missing static route which was connected to said port and a firewall policy.


The fortimanager was correctly configured and in sync. After the restore of the VM it got auto-updated to the wrong interface info and I had to redo those and install the device settings (as well as the install wizard for the policy).


The snapshot was done shortly before the restore test and it was done while the VM was shutdown.


Anyone else had this odd issue with missing configuration after the snapshot was done and then restored?


thanks for your help




Could you please elaborate how restoration was performed (i.e. restore configuration, configuration revision or VM snapshot)?


hello scheuri,


Can you kindly confirm that the config from the Fortimanager was pushed to fortigate VM correctly.
And is this the issue occurring frequently after restoration. When you checked that in port the IP was wrong so which was the IP assigned at that time.
Do share the screenshot before and after restoration or any logs from the VM.


Abhishek Sengar