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Computer can ping Fortigate 90D, but not beyond?

So, I'm an IT guy at our company and we have a computer running Windows 10 Pro that we use for Remote Desktop Purposes. A few days ago I installed a wireless adapter on it so that we can bypass some of the restrictions on our LAN. I took the wireless adapter out today, and suddenly I cannot connect to the outside world via LAN.


What I've Verified:

The Ethernet card is up and operational.

I can ping loop-back.

I can ping the Fortigate 90D.

Via CLI on the Fortigate interface, I can ping websites.

I can ping other computers on the network.

Windows Firewall is Off.

Windows Sharing is On.


On the PC I have tried assigning an IP manually with still no luck (our network is 192.168.24.x by the way).

We have a local DNS so I assigned it our DNS with no luck.

I have tried DHCP, and yes, it is assigned an IP but still it will not go beyond our Fortigate.


I have restarted this computer several times. I have reinstalled the network adapter (I don't think that it's that at this point but I did it just to rule it out anyways). I have released and renewed, flushed the DNS, reset adapters... all of that junk. I even tried moving it to another ethernet port. Nothing.


I feel very silly asking about this since it seems so trivial, but I am having an oddly hard time figuring it out. My best guess is that our firewall is preventing it from going through. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)

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Update: This was solved by changing the PC name. My guess is that, the previous name was cached in the fortigate under a different IP address. But that's just my uneducated guess. :p


Does anyone have an idea of why changing the name worked? I'd like to learn from this.


Is your PC controlled by any domain-controller?


ericli wrote:

Is your PC controlled by any domain-controller?

Most of our PC's are connected to a domain managed by our corporate office. However, this one is not. It has no domain restrictions.


It sounds like routing/gateway/dns on your Windows 10 PC.

Please check it by:

"route print"

in Windows Command Line mode.



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Solution - Computer name was previously used by another computer on the network, and was cached on the fortigate. Changing the name of the computer to something else allowed it out on the internet - you can change this after about a week if you desire.


How do I mark this as solved? Lol


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