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Permit local static route override when connected to FortiClient?

Using FortiClient and EMS 6.0. Clients get pushed default route through the tunnel. Is it possible to permit an end-user to override select static routes on their systems?


We have some engineers who work remotely, and have multiple LAN segments at their house. They need to be able to access things like their printers or NAS devices while connected to the FortiClient VPN.


When they try to add a local static route with a metric of 1, FortiClient intercepts this request and adds it's own static route with a lower metric.


C:\Windows\system32>route print | find "192.168.3" C:\Windows\system32>route add mask metric 1 if 6  OK! C:\Windows\system32>route print | find "192.168.3" 26 2 C:\Windows\system32>

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I played with this a bit and couldn't find a good solution that would permit local host overrides. The big problem is how Windows handles routes, and how they append both the interface and gateway metric in on top of the metric you use when adding a static route.


So if you increase the total metric (int + gw) of the FortiClient interface beyond that of your LAN interface, then this affects the default gateway route as well - punting traffic out the local network instead of over the VPN.


What is needed is either:


1) Update to FCT needs to be adjusted to not add it's own copy of any static routes while connected (NDIS function?) 2) Way to add static routes in Windows that ignores interface and gateway metric


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