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Collector Agent for FSSO and RSSO



I am new to Collector Agent or FSSO. Basically I want to create policy on fortigate based on Active Directory Security Group And I also want to have ip to user mapping information from radius accounting. Someone suggested  me to use Collector Agent and then send the radius accouting from NPS to the collector agent and the collector agent will parse it as FSSO. I have couple questions :


1. Where i should install the Collector Agent ? can i install the collector agent on any PC such as windows 10 which joined domain ? If can, what is the minimum specification for the PC ? (ram/hdd/proc)

2. Is it a must to install Collector Agent on DC Server ?

3. Does it require to reboot the PC / Server after installing Collector Agent on it ?


Really appreciate any suggestion and thanks in advance






Good question since I always found that this is not well documented.

You should first read few documentation on FSSO and agent, but I think this will not be enough.


However if you want to make it short, then briefly there are three possible modes:

  1. DC Agent (must be on DC server) + Collector Agent (no need to be on DC): I think this installation is well documented
  2. Collector Agent only: No need to be on DC, this is the ultimate method if your if your customer is strict and refuses to install anything on DC
  3. Polling mode: FGT embedded agent is used, no need to install any other agent

Method 1 & 2 both give very good result (I'd say same result) and should be used in production environment.

Method 3 should not be used in prod env, it can give very bad result for non small env


A good idea for production env is to install DC agent on 2 DC servers, and/or collector agent on 2 separate VMs, for redundancy.

Configuration is a bit long so try take some time to read it and test it in your lab. This is needed to master the thing.


Hope this helps.


Hey akala,

let us know if you still have questions about the FSSO setup process :)

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