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Client Reaches Malicious Web Page Directing Them To "Microsoft Tech Support" - Unneeded

The most common issue we encounter is a client getting on a web page claiming that they have a virus, must call a number, pay them money, etc. We use FortiGate firewalls with UTP bundle. We have most of the Security Profiles within the Policies turned on and set to seemingly reasonable settings. Are there one or more setting issues that we can check to assure we have set correctly to reduce the risk of users getting to these malicious pages? Or are these large unstoppable even with good firewall settings? I will be off-line from the forum on Sunday.

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I'll check it out. My worst "malware" horror story was when we had to beta test McAfee EPO at my company. Oh the inhumanity! So glad we were able to convince management to not go with that solution. It was not a pleasant testing experience.


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I recommend ensuring the article suggestions are configured to avoid malicious site visits.

-Alongside having antivirus and IPS security profiles enabled to protect any malicious download or link redirecting.


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