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Change Internet FortiGate 200E

I have a FortiGate 200E with NAT Mode and would like to turn the router into an internet controller. And it must be set to let the internet go to that Port, including VPN and Email. please I would like to know how to do it.


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Hello @Karaked ,


To configure FortiGate as internet controller and to allow traffic, you'll have to configure WAN interface and make sure its properly configured with the correct IP addressing, subnet mask and gateway provided by your ISP. As you're using NAT mode, make sure you're enabling that too. Create a firewall policy for outbound and inbound traffic if you have servers in your internal network that needs to be accessed from the internet. Create VPN (IPSEC or SSL VPN) according to your requirement and create a firewall policy for the VPN traffic. You can enable logs for monitoring.



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Hello @HarshChavda ,

Thank you so much for the advice . I will change Router as internet controller. Do you have any recommendations?


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