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Change IP-address of device in Fortianalyzer


I have tried to change the IP-address of a device connected to a FortiAnalyzer.

However, it seems not possible to change the IP-address, in the webb-GUI. When reading user guidelines, I figured  it should be possible to do this,

See attached picture. Any idea on how I can do this? Do really I have to remove the device completely from the analyzer and then add it again?




The FortiAnalyzer will learn about the new IP from the FortiGate.  The IP is only used by the FortiAnalyzer when adding the device for the first time.  After that, it is the serial # which is important.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

We acknowledged that we should not allow manual entry of IP address in bug ID 536856.  The field was greyed out as of 6.2.3 & 6.4.0.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support
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Hi Chris,


 The IP is not updating automatically, is there any way to manually do it ?

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It's possible you have the source IP defined on the FortiGate. You can view it in the CLI using the following:


FG-600E # config log fortianalyzer setting

FG-600E (setting) # show
config log fortianalyzer setting
set status enable
set server ""
set serial "FAZ-VM0000000001"
set source-ip ""
set upload-option realtime
set reliable enable


If it shows the old IP, you just need to update it to reflect the correct IP.

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