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Captive portal with email collection goes around in circles



We have a new FG-60F connected to FortiAPs. We're using FortiOS 7.2.3 (latest


We have created a standard corporate SSID for staff, which works fine.

We want to also host a "Guests" SSID which uses a captive portal with email collection.


We have followed the guide at How to create a Guest SSID Network on FortiAP/FortiGate with Captive Portal+Email Collection - YouTu..., including the changes on the CLI and creating a firewall policy.

We have also created a custom captive portal page (at this point we just changed the logo)


We can get to the stage where a client joins the SSID, is presented with the captive portal page, can tick the disclaimer and enter their email address, but then when they submit the page, the web browser just redirects back to the captive portal.

We've tried rebooting the FortiGate, the client machine, "forgetting" the SSID and re-joining from fresh, but this keeps happening.


Has anyone seen this before? What might be going on here?




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I think I got to the bottom of this.


For testing, I was submitting an email address of The FortiGate was failing to validate the email account (understandably), but the FortiGate's default page for failed emails is exactly the same as the first email collection page, which was causing the confusion.


It appears to be working by submitting a valid email. Hurrah.

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