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Captive Portal Login Issues

Hello Dear Community ,
I hope you all doing good , I have an issue regard Captive portal logging in , we have FortiGate 200E and we configured captive portal via CLI to make maximum concurrent user to log in 1 only so that only 1 user log in , the issue here is that when users turn off Wi-Fi and turn on again or leave the company and come back again and try to login he can't log in because when I goes to firewall users monitor I find his user is already logged in and I have to DE authenticate manually so that he can login again , my question is how to avoid this issue and also tried authentication timeout but it does not work , so how do I configure it to DE authenticate the user automatically once he turn off the Wi-Fi .

thanks IN advance


Hi @Moataz_Haggag 

how you have set that limitation ?
Something like : 


And what was your authtimeout group setting, or do you use auth-timeout from under global user settings to limit lifetime of that auth session ?


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yes exactly like this

and about auth-timeout i use it from user settings ( Users&Devices > Authentication settings > authentication timeout set to (1440) 

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