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Cant Install FortiSIEM Linux Agent on Ubuntu 21

I cant install my FortiSIEM Linux Agent on my Ubuntu 21 with the last install script from Fortinet Support. 


The Error message:

No matching OS


Try to install with Linux Agent script

2022-04-08 10_20_37-Ubuntu-FortiSIEMAgent-20220406-TB - VMware Workstation.png

View my os-release information file or link


2022-04-08 10_50_38-Ubuntu-FortiSIEMAgent-20220406-TB - VMware Workstation.png

2022-04-08 11_12_10-Ubuntu-FortiSIEMAgent-20220406-TB - VMware Workstation.png


The Content of the last version FortiSIEM Linux Agent Script


2022-04-08 11_12_59-D__FortiSIEM_PoC_fortisiem-linux-agent-installer-

If my Costumer ask me just use Ubuntu 21 to install Linux Agent, how to solve this Issue?



A Fader from Elden Ring
A Fader from Elden Ring
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Hello techbeck, 


Thank you for using the Community Forum. I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible. 



  Fortinet Community Team 

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