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Cannot enumerate the Domain

Has anyone come across this error before


Cannot enumerate <DomainName> (LDAP ID 11) until email alert is sent for previous error: An operation error occurred.


it sort of came after the cannot enumerate the domain error i get, which usually to fix it is to remove the domain and re add it, but this time that quick fix doesn't seem to be working. 


What version are you running and how many vdoms do you have?

Maybe a sign of config file corruption. I would back up the entire config while it's still possible then flush the boot drive and reload the image then upload the config.

But if possible, I would open a ticket and get consulted by TAC first.


we are running v6.4.2 build 1570


we have 2 domains that are in use with the EMS, one of those domains is fine and reporting back as normal.


I have opened a support ticket and sent the logs to them, but they do take a while to respond. 


I have exactly the same message  FortiEMS : v6.4.3 "Cannot enumerate OU=XXXXXX,DC=XXXXXX, DC=com (LDAP ID 1) until email alert is sent for previous error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'parent_id', table 'FCM_Default.dbo.group_container_parents'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails. The statement has been terminated"

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Same issue here, and now we're unable to sync our new important changes.

Please help.


Hey SPGiT,

there seems to be a known issue around domain enumeration failing in some FCT EMS firmware versions, requiring some manual updating of dlls from what I have been able to find.
Please open a Technical Support Case for your EMS; you might want to ask the EMS team if you are possibly affected by issue 724616.
Please be aware that I am not with the EMS team and could only do a cursory search; the EMS team should be able to verify if indeed you are impacted, and assist you further, via a support case.

Please provide whatever error messages and logs you have observed on your EMS in the support case as well.

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