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Hi folks, I have found a small bug within the Dataset or VPN_SLL_TOP_USER_DURATION. If the S_Time and E_Time have the same values the query throws out undesired results. I presume that this happens when a user has a failed connection but somehow the ...
We are currently using Fortigate v6.0.6 with SSL-VPN FortiClients running 6.0.9. Many, if not most our the clients use the VPN Before Windows Logon Feature which works just fine. Can someone confirm if we upgrade the Fortigates to 6.2.x that the Fort...
I have been trying to update our FP221Cs to 5.6.3 (0493) but I systematically get an error stating that the firmware is not compatible even though the 5.6.3 releases notes state that they are supported. Has anyone managed to do this upgrade. I went f...