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Can't set speed of X1 int on FGT200F

I was testing my transceivers and I tried to get the transceiver to step down from 10 to 1g on x1 of my FGT200F. No matter what I set it to in the GUI in FMG, it always resorts back to auto. I tried changing it on the FGT200F directly, but now every time I try to sync via FMG it always fails and says conflict. I tried changing my interface back to auto, but FMG doesn't like that. Any ideas how I can fix?


FGT01 (x1) # show
config system interface
edit "x1"
set vdom xyz
set allowaccess ping
set type physical
set snmp-index 11
set speed auto


If I try unset speed in the FGT CLI, it "comes back" in the running config. If I exit the interface then go back to view it.


Start installing
FGT01 $ config global
FGT01 (global) $ config system interface
FGT01 (interface) $ edit "x1"
FGT01 (x1) $ unset speed
FGT01 (x1) $ next
FGT01 (interface) $ end
FGT01 (global) $ end


As far as I know you can't change the speed of SFP+ from 10Gbps to 1Gbps on a transceiver and this is a limitation for all vendors. The port itself may support different transceiver 1 or 10Gbps.

- Emirjon
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To address the issue:

  1. Verify FMG configuration.
  2. Directly configure speed on the FGT200F using CLI.
  3. Check interface status.
  4. Restart the interface.
  5. Sync with FMG.
Farina Ahmed