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Can't export the ssl-vpn logins for a user

I am trying to get the connection times for an specific vpn user and it's proving difficult because of the limitations in forticloud. I do the following:

  • Forticloud -> VPN Events -> SSL and dialup -> Last 7 days (it takes about a minute to open)
  • Click on the user handle to open his logs
  • There are three types of entries:[ul]
  • Tunnel-down / Tunnel-up
  • Tunnel-stats (totally useless in this case, that fill most of the records)[/ul][/ul]

    There is no export button, so I can't get the data out, also there's no way to filter out the tunnel-stats entries. So currently the only way I have to get the dates is manually copying the relevant data that's mixed with the rest of the content in the records.


    Are there any other options more useable than this?


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    Today, about a year later I needed the same information for another user, and used the feedback form to notify fortinet of this issue.

    So in case you ara thinking of forticloud of a replacement for fortianalyzer, it's not there yet (by a long distance)


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