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Can I use an IP link and a proxy connection aggregated as wan/uplink for the explicit proxy service

Currently, I have my fortinet, which acts as a proxy server for clients, connected to my ISP on a single interface with a fixed IP address issued by the ISP.
For redundancy reasons, I would like to add a second internet connection which is an upstream proxy server.
This way if one of the two connections fails, clients retain their internet proxy connection through the remaining connection.
How do I configure this ?

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Hi jschenk,


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As per your description you have two WAN link and you want to use redundancy link if one of the link fails then traffic should flow from another link.


Please configured two default route towards internet from both the link and set the AD value same but increase the priority for the link which you want to use as secondary.
In this case both the links will be active in the routing table and all your internet traffic will flow from primary link and if your primary link is down then it will start flowing from secondary link.


Alternatively, you can also configure SDWAN which will give you load balance and redundancy feature.


Let us know if this helps.



Salon Raj Joshi
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The second link is not a normal link, but I want to use a connection to a corporate proxyserver for that, I do not know how to configure this . This proxy server also requires authentication (username/password)
Normally you create a group which you use for the uplinks, but in this case it are 2 different types??


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