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Can I change the default vlan ID 1 to another number?

Hello! We just received a pre configured Fortinet 60D for our company. We also just acquired a managed switch. We have two vlan's that are working. Vlan 11 (student access) is for public internet access which works fine and vlan 1 which seems to be the default ID for the internal internet access (staff). Our switch will only accept vlan ID 2 and up. Is there a way to change the default vlan ID 1, to say 10? I'm not very experienced in this and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance! Mike
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You can create a new VLAN on the interface in question.

Go to System > Network > Interfaces and select Create New

Enter a name like "General Access"

Select Type VLAN

Select the interface which is connected to the switch and enter the VLAN ID (like 10)

Set the Addressing Mode and IP as needed

Activate Ping at least


Now if you go to Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 and create a new Policy you can select your VLAN like any other interface.


You might want a policy like

  • Incoming Interface: Internal
  • Source Addess: All
  • Outgoing Interface: "General Access"
  • Destination Address: All
  • Service: Any
  • Enable NAT as needed[/ul]
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