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Bridge the LAN ports on FortiGate with FortiSwitch ports

I have a FortiGate and a FortiSwitch connected and configured and working as intended. Currently there's only one LAN and all the devices are plugged into the FortiSwitch. The FortiSwitch is connected to the FortiGate with a dedicated LAN port. As of right now the other ports on the FortiGate are on their own network/subnet and the FortiSwitch's ports are on their own network/subnet.


How do I bridge or make it so that any devices plugged into the hardware switch (LAN Ports) on the FortiGate are on the same network/subnet as the FortiSwitch? Essentially I want to be able to use the other LAN ports on the FortiGate and be on the same network as devices plugged into the FortiSwitch.

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Did you ever figure this out? I'm facing the same issue. Can you provide a little insight? Screenshots? or link to a guide?


You Can't !

the VLAN on Fortiswitch use Fortilink must different with the Vlan on Fortigate


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This is super disappointing; I had high hopes for single point of administration of these devices, and though I can see use cases - remote edge switches that need to do firewalling policy at the edge w/o backhaul to the FortiGate - it looks mostly pointless when the switch and the firewall are right next to each other.




This is easy if you simply run two cables from the FG to the Switch (1 for management and 1 for data).

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