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Dear seniors:Does anyone know if FG-90G has ACL policy function?For example, the command of "config firewall acl"Is this function only available for models above 100?Thank you very much if anyone can give a definite answer(It would be better to have ...
Generally speaking, when FortiGate manages PoE FortiSwitch.Whether you use GUI or CLI, you can control PoE on or off.But once the switch interface mode is changed from static to NAC.You will find that you can no longer turn on or off the PoE function...
now only have fiber 10G portwhat time will have 10GBASE-T port on FortiSwitch
FAP-231E with 2 ethetnet port when use FortiOS 6.4.3 FAPOS 6.4.3can't bridge SSID from WAN-LAN mode we think profile can't work fine from this port-----------------------------------------------------about FAP-C24JE the GUI are different and bad to u...
Environmental description :Fortigate-501E with OS 6.4.3 Fortiswitch 1024D --> 424D --> 124EFpoe with OS 6.4.4 FortiAP 221B, 221C, 221E with top version Description of the situation:Some FAP (not all) can't get IP form Fortigateso, Tunnel SSID can't w...
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