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Block Youtube

Hello colleagues,

I am trying to block Youtube on my FortiGate 100D but without success. I have tried almost eveything, Web filtering / Application control....nothing works(mainly for Google chrome browser). I also read articles about blocking Quic protocol(UDP/TCP 80/443), it helps for facebook, not for Youtube. Order of my policies is right so i am very confused about it. I have also tried Proxy mode/flowbased mode. I see that youtube is using some type of google certificate so i think that problem is probably something with it, but it must be some way how to solve this problem. I dont have paid subscription so i cant use all feature and my firmware is 6.2.10 version. I have device only for learning purpose for myself(I want to know fortinet enviroment).

Can you give me some advice how it works? And is it also problem with blocking on newer firmwares?

Thanks a lot for any advice.




Hi Juraj,

Are you using certificate inspection or deep inspection profile along with the security profiles?

Did you use a deep/full inspection profile and check the same.



Hello Juraj,


As mentioned, you need to try the combination of deep inspection with proxy-based for blocking youtube with wildcard : * and action as block

Jay sharma
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Hey there! I stumbled upon your post and saw you're having trouble blocking YouTube on your FortiGate 100D. I'm no tech expert, but have you tried reaching out to the Fortinet support team? They might have some insight on how to solve this issue, especially with the firmware version you have. If all else fails, you can always try searching for alternative solutions on forums or tech blogs. Good luck, and keep us updated! Btw, if you're looking to boost your YouTube views and likes, check out this site YouTube Likes kaufen. We've reached 3 million likes on our video by getting likes there.


I think you should try to force Youtube to not use QUIC/UDP port. Details are explained here:

- Emirjon
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