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DescriptionThis article describes the configuration procedure for enabling transparent web proxy forwarding from FortiGate. In previous versions explicit proxy had to be configured but we would now be able to have the user traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) be for...
DescriptionThe article explains how the correct AS paths can be advertised in case of scenarios where multiple local AS needs to be configured.ScopeNote: This article only concerns versions greater than or equal to FortiOS 5.4.2 since the local-AS fu...
DescriptionThis article contains the settings required in order to enable dynamic routing (BGP here) over an IPsec static tunnel SolutionThe 'ip' and 'remote-ip' commands must be set for both tunnel interfaces (see diagram below). These IP addresses ...
DescriptionThis article explains the best practices and the precautions to be taken while doing a firmware upgrade or downgrade on the FortiGate.ScopeFortiOS Upgrade.FortiOS Downgrade.SolutionUpgradingUpgrading a firewall is something that should be ...