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Bind MAC to specific FortiAP



I have two FortiAPs on a customers Site and a lot of smart home devices. All of them use 2.4 Ghz and connect to only one AP. I switched on FortiAP and Frequency Hand-off but that doesn't change much. Is there a way to allow only specific MAC addresses to a FortiAP? I know I can do it by SSID but the smart home devices are all in the same SSID.





It can be done by creating different wtp-profile for each AP and apply deny-mac-list under wtp-profile. Instead of allowing only specific MAC addresses, this will deny these specific MAC addresses forcing them to connect to other bssid.


FortiWiFi# config wireless-controller wtp-profile FortiWiFi (wtp-profile) # edit Profile1 FortiWiFi (Profile1) # config deny-mac-list  <Enter> deny-mac-list          List of MAC addresses that are denied access to this WTP, FortiAP, or AP.

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