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Backup config, modify drastically, and then restore revised config file


Goal:  backup FULL config file, then revise the backup text file for all vdoms in the text backup file, then RESTORE revised text file.


While studying the fortinet sites to determine best ways to accomplish the above, I found this KB:


I am confused about the last sentence of the KB: "[style="background-color: #ffff99;"]A web based manager full config is not the same as the CLI full config[/style], the former is the global config when VDOM are enabled, whereas the latter is the config including all defaults"



Is the above statement still true, especially for v5 or higher????


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Yes it is. 


Basically, when you run a backup from the GUI - each section will only contain the items that you have edited, those that aren't set to the default. 


When you backup (do a show full-configuration) from the CLI, you get EVERYTHING, every possible setting. 


I wish that there was a possibility to get the *full* backup from the GUI. 


Especially note the difference regarding VDOM setups: the GUI backup file only contains the 'global' config, not the config of each VDOM.

IMHO getting the config via CLI is no big deal, or is it?

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

ede_pfau wrote:

IMHO getting the config via CLI is no big deal, or is it?

Depends on your infrastructure I suppose. I eventually stood up a machine which automatically backs up each device every night using SCP - as I didn't have a FTP server available to use. 


In all, you're right, it's not difficult - it just seems like one of those things where the GUI should have an option - just a convenience thing.

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Than make a feature request with FTNT, you  many options from scp to execute backup for gaining the full-cfg.






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