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BGP Distance Question

Hey Everyone, Is it possible to modify the BGP distance of a network that is advertised by a fortigate? Here is background of my problem: First off, I am no BGP expert but I do have it setup and working fine advertising routes to our MPLS provider. The problem is that all the fortigates on our network show the distance of the learned BGP routes as 20, the default value from the documents i' ve found. I would like to be able to advertise the same network at two different sites but one having a higher distance (backup route). The only way i have been able to modify the BGP distance is by applying an access rule at one of the sites. The biggest problem is that this seems to only affect incoming routes, not outgoing routes. It would be much better if I could advertise the route with a higher distance so I only have to modify it on one router instead of every router that learns the route. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

route-map-out seemed to do the trick. " get router info bgp network" now showed my test network with a path containing our AS repeated several times. Once I added the test network to the other site without the route-map-out, it became the preferred route. Strange thing is that the preexisting routes at the site where i added the route-map-out do not show the path with the repeated AS numbers, only the single AS.
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Did you bgp establishment require a reload for the new route-map to push the changes? This is typically the case with cisco and most other layer3 devices. Also if your peer within the same AS-provider , metric of MEDs is your friend. i.e ____________ISP-ASN1-link#1-Metric 400 | | | your_AS | | |_____________ISP-ASN1-link#2-Metric 500 That would enforce what link the ISP-ASN1 routes back to you on. I hope that helps. Also MED is local to the ISP your peering with and not annouce outside of that AS. So if ASN1 is peer' d with ASN2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 , your metric has no bearing .




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