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Awaiting Approval Fortinet developer network 1 month

Hi Team,


I created a new Fortinet developer network account 2 months ago and received and the 2 sponsors aprrovals , since the 28/03 I still waiting for the approval 1 months. According with the FAQ , the aprroval should be 1 business day. 


  • I contacted to Fortinet partner support they provide a email of the FNDN team, I send few emails and no answer.
  • I completed the contact form of the FNDN portal and no answer.
  • I contacted to and they said that I need to contact to the FNDN team and no answer.


Can someone review and aprove my request , please?




If I recall correctly, you can see if your two sponsors have done their part in the main page, if not you should contact them.

I had a similar case where I had to wait a longer period of time and I reached out directly to our AM at Fortinet.


Hello @funkylicious 


Yes, the two sponsors are marked as done in the main page.


so now it is pending to the FNDN admin


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