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Avaya phones behind fortigate can't login to cloud PBX

I have been trying to connect some avaya phones to a cloud PBX we have setup. Avaya is using the protocol h323 instead of SIP, so the usual tricks don't work.


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I'm replying myself with the fix for my case in case anyone is interested. Basically you have to remove both the ras and the h323 helpers


This showed me the pointer:

id=20085 trace_id=1730 func=__ip_session_run_tuple line=3241 msg="run helper-ras(dir=original)"


config system session-helper
delete 2 #h323
delete 3 #ras

After deleting those helpers, the phone could register without more issues


Thank you aseques!!

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Hi, You must remove SIP , H323 , RAS protocols on session helper.


Best regards,

Ali Bal