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Attempting to set up SFP connection to layer 3 switch

Hi Everyone


new Member here trying to navigate etc. 



dell 4148 switches @ layer 3 

Fortigate 200D being replaced eventually with a 200E  firewall


Does anyone have any Documentation on set up for the SFP  connection ?

I need to know the Max speed I can connect at as well as I see multiple SFP's available and not sure of the speed to purchase etc. 

The 4148 can handle higher speeds but need to know the limitations of the firewall !






According to the datasheet, the FG-200D has 2 SFP ports. On SFP, 1 Gbps is supported - no Fast Ethernet, no 10G. (Note that the raw firewall throughput is rated at 4 Gbps.)

AFAIK Fortinet offers SX and LX transceivers, for short range (up to 300 m) and long range. You could most probably (99%) use DELL transceivers as well, perferably with DDM/DOM. You would then be able to use CX DAC (over copper coax) as well which might be convenient in a rack. Personally I don't like handling copper DAC cables and always get fiber. YMMV.

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Ede Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!

Good Morning


That is exactly what I was trying to find out as it got a bit confusing reading the datasheet and info online . We are using the 200E ( replacing the 200D ) at our Data center but have 3 200D's still in use as well !  I wanted to make sure our throughputs would handle everything and it looks like 4G would be sufficient for the Internet . We have SFP's in use now for our Fiber switch connections so I'll probably end up using those for the connection . Thanks very much !!! Appreciate the help ! 






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