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Assist for appropriate Foritigate Firewall Model

Hello all,

I am requested to add a firewall for a school to protect it all students and faculty from viruses, ransomwares, block unwanted websites.... etc.

the school has 500+ students and faculty. Their devices are windows 10 Laptops, Chrombooks, network Photocopy machine and few desktop computers.

1- Which suggested Fortigate Firewall for this scenario?

2-  Does forticlinet considered a strong antivirus to protect all devices in the school.

Thanks for your help

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I don't have the answer but I can help you get to it. I've used them in schools before. These are some questions to help find the model.


  • Are you also using forti access points for wifi.
  • Are you going to use SSO for identity based policies.
  • Do you currenty have any usage graphs on the client to server traffic.
  • Are you planning on using full UTMs for the client to server traffic.
  • Do you currently have any usage graphs for the client to internet traffic.
  • Are you going to be doing regular certificate based ssl scanning or full ssl scanning for client traffic?[/ol]


    Those questions can at least put you in the right area.

  • SecurityPlus

    I think that answers to Jamie's questions above would be helpful to determine the appropriate size firewall.


    Below is is a matrix of FortiGate specifications that may help in getting started.


    I think that it is good to size firewalls to allow for the number of users to increase, the bandwidth to increase, or the number of features used to increase without resulting in the need to prematurely upgrade the firewall.



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