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Hi, Has anyone worked through a similar problem on SD-WAN where the self-originated traffic isn't smart enough to pick the correct interface to get out ( internet ). I know this because running diagnose sniffer packet any "port 8888" 4 0 l we can see...
Hi, Under your IPS profiles theres the feature for malicious URL blocking. I believe this is refering to a different block list than the normal webfilter uses. How do we create a white list for URLs that are blocked with the IPS sensor?
Hi, In my lab I have a 200E on 5.4.4. I'm using ssl deep inspection for 443 traffic. I'm testing with the Fortigate SSL cert added to the trusted root cert authorities store on computer accounts for windows 10. Normal https traffic is working fine te...
I' m having issues with iphones not accepting the default fortinet cert when the user finishes entering their wifi ldap logon. I' ve setup WPA 2 enterprise with Ldap wifi authentication on the device. So I' m not using any radius server. Im using sAM...