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Anyone set up Forticlient in conjunction with AOVPN. Otherwise experience with AOVPN?



We seem to have huge stability issues with AOVPN with it intermittently working on devices.  A Richard Hicks video on setting this up said you could use Forticlient instead of a Windows server to set this up but provided no explanation of how to do this or what the endpoint it.  I would assume a Forticlient has to be used with the Firewall as the endpoint unless it can be used with a 3rd Party VPN endpoint?  If you use it to VPN to the Firewall, not sure how you would merge this with AOVPN as you already have a VPN.


Has anyone else set up AOVPN and what is your experience of it?


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i had to do a quick google as the acronym didnt directly register for me, so i assume you mean Windows 10 Always On VPN (AOVPN)?


you can indeed replace the default Windows 10 VPN client with the FortiClient and have it connect before Windows login to the FortiGate.


here are some KBs on this


from FortiGateOS 6.2 this requires FortiClientEMS.


Ha, I was also intrigued by the "new" technology AOVPN, but it is indeed Always On VPN. Fortigate/Forticlient-wise it is just a matter of 1 line of configuration on Fortigate to enable Forticlient to use this feature. As already mentioned starting Forticlient 6.2 Always On is NOT included in the free VPN version of it, only 6.0.9 still works for free, then EMS.


Have you tried asking the author about his explanation (whatever it may be) - I see on his blog he has been answering posts on this topic for few years already, what a patience :) ? 


Yuri  blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.

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