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Android phone users

Why is Fortinet treating android users like 2nd class citizens.  The fortitoken doesn't have the same ease of approval as on iOS and fortiexplorer doesn't have the same functionality (ability to onboard devices) as iOS.  Android has 70% of the global market for smart phones, not sure why Foritnet isn't giving us the same love as the iOS users.

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Community Manager

Hello sfranko,


I am not sure that Fortinet treats IOS as a favorite.


Would you like to develop what you are facing, I would be happy to find answers or solutions.


Best regards,

Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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As an Android phone user, I totally understand your concerns. It's frustrating when certain features or functionalities are not as seamless on Android compared to iOS. With Android having such a significant global market share, it's important for companies like Fortinet to prioritize equal user experience across both platforms. Issues like "phone not registered on network" can definitely impact the overall usability. Let's hope that Fortinet takes feedback from Android users into consideration and works towards providing the same level of convenience and functionality as they do for iOS users.




Note that Fortinet has the FortiClient app and the FortiToken Mobile app on Android. The rest of what Android is doing or not, as per link that you shared will be up to the vendor. As I read that article, it seems to be a Samsung-provided OS adaptation of the original google open source Android.

That behavior noted there is unrelated to Fortinet and Fortinet cannot change underlying Android OS (or iPhone iOS for that matter).

If there is feedback on the respective application as @sfranko mentioned, that is something that can be checked. It would need to be clear what the exact bad user experience problem would be.


Best regards,



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Experiencing a “Not Registered on Network” error on your Android device can be quite frustrating as it hinders your connection to the carrier.


That should be unrelated to the FortiToken application, but is a general Android error, I presume.


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