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Aggregated Ethernet

So I connected two ports to a Juniper EX4550, and configured an aggregated interface with those two members. The AE interface did not come up. EX set to use 802.3ad (no LACP). So I set lacp-mode to static, and the link came up.

Questions are then:

  • are there any other settings I should be aware of, or is this sufficient?
  • I will connect the other side to an AE towards a Cisco Nexus. Should I use L4 or L3 for distribution algorithm?
  • Do I have to do anything to let the FG distribute the traffic evenly over the two interfaces?[/ul]


    fg1 (WAN-ae-1) # set lacp-mode static

    fg1 (WAN-ae-1) # next

    fg1 (interface) # end

    fg1 (root) # diag netlink aggregate name WAN-ae-1

    status: up npu: y flush: n asic helper: y oid: 149 ports: 2 link-up-delay: 50ms min-links: 1 ha: master distribution algorithm: L4 LACP mode: static

    slave: port34 link status: up link failure count: 1 permanent MAC addr: 90:6c:ac:c4:4d:c3

    slave: port36 link status: up link failure count: 1 permanent MAC addr: 90:6c:ac:c4:4d:c5

  • -- Bjørn Tore

    -- Bjørn Tore
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    With our experiences it would be never even distribution. You might want to tweak the algorithm between L3 (IP session) and L4 (TCP connection) depending on the actual traffic amount on all member interfaces. 

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    Agreed if you want    to  tweak distribution look at laye2/3/4  tuples and adjust  accordingly but a AE is not 50/50%  distribution


    Back to  why LACP did not work did you look at any lcap counters on the EX-JUN switches


    Is one side at least active-lacp?







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