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Adding vlan to VPN connection

Hey, I would really like to get your help.

I have an issue with my users when they try to connect remotely to their computers using Fortinet Client VPN.

We have the internal IP address (such as and and I can't connect to any computer remotely directly.

The only thing I can do is connect to one of my DC (192.168.10X.X) and from there to MSTSC to my personal computer.


I can't really understand where I need to add the range ( and to enable remote connection to this address directly.


Thank you.



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I assume that you want to do SSLVPN.

The routing address override feature allows you to specify how traffic should be routed for specific IP addresses or IP ranges. This can be useful if you have overlapping IP addresses or if you need to route traffic to a specific gateway.

To add a routing address override entry in the Fortinet SSLVPN portal, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your SSLVPN portal and go to the "Remote Access" settings page.
2. Click on the "Configure VPN" button and select "Routing".
3. Click "Create New" to add a new routing address override entry.
4. In the "Source Address" field, enter the IP address or IP range for the client or clients that need to access the internal IP addresses.
5. In the "Destination Address" field, enter the IP address or IP range for the internal network that the clients need to access.
6. In the "Gateway" field, enter the IP address of the internal network gateway.
7. Click "OK" to save the routing address override entry.

Once the routing address override entry is added, the SSLVPN portal should be able to route traffic to the internal network's IP range. However, as with the previous solution, you may also need to configure your firewall settings on the internal network and any individual computers to allow inbound traffic on the necessary ports for remote access.


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