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Adding FortiAP' s to a FortiWiFi80cm

I am planning on adding 2 x 221B fortiAP' s to a 80CM v4.0 MR3 Patch 10. I have some basic FortiAP questions. 1. Can can plug the AP' s into the LAN or should I have a VLAN for them? 2. Should I use DHCP or static for the FortAP? DHCP seams easy but I don' t want to end up getting bit down the road. 3. Can I have the AP' s on the same SID/network as the built in wireless with the gui? Or is it like getting the WLAN and LAN on the same subnet with command line. 4. Are there any gotcha I should look out for Thanks Troy

You can connect the AP' s to any port on the 80CM. <br> Go the GUI-> System->Network-> Interface and choose the port and select the option " Dedicate this interface to FortiAP Connection" and it will prompt you to choose the IP address range for DHCP. For FAP221B, you need to create a custom profile and add the existing SSID (used in the internal WLAN) in the profile and assign the profile to the AP.